UNESCO – Affordability is key to inclusive HE expansion

UNESCO has called on governments never to allow student loan repayments to rise above 15% of their monthly incomes so that further expansion of higher education does not leave the disadvantaged behind.

It is one of six measures recommended to policy-makers to address equality and affordability of access.

  • Keep an eye on the target: Make sure those who need help the most are getting it;
  • Put it in law: Guarantee equity and affordability in regulatory frameworks;
  • Step up monitoring: Establish national agencies to ensure equal opportunities;
  • Vary admissions criteria: Use different admissions criteria to respond to different individuals’ needs;
  • Provide varied student aid: Establish an agency to coordinate different forms of student aid, such as loans and grants;
  • Limit student loan repayments to less than 15% of their annual income.

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