Month: March 2017

Universities must find a way to challenge populism

Higher education needs a new focus based on democratic and global citizenship, according to Fernando Reimers, professor of international education at Harvard University, who eruditely and passionately defended the values of freedom and equality against the rise of populism, in a keynote speech at the co-hosted WISE – World Innovation Summit for Education – and Santander forum in Madrid, Spain, on Tuesday.

The forum, with the theme “’Imagining the Future of Education”, sought to address how education systems can transform themselves to anticipate the future, what tools and innovations will be the real change-makers, and the role that higher education should play in shaping the future.

“We are faced with a challenge to liberalism by populists who are challenging the ideas of freedom, equality, human rights, representative democracy and globalisation… and most fascism starts with populism,” Reimers reminded the 800 delegates gathered from all over the world.


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